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Researcher Resources - Bounty Bug Write-ups [Security Research] (2)

This is a collection of bug bounty reports that were submitted by security researchers in the infosec community. These write-ups are a great way to learn from fellow hackers. Web Hacking Uber Bug Bounty Turning Self-…

Researcher Resources: Thick Client Focused [Security Research] (3)

A collection of thick client specific resources. A handy list for your reference! Books: * Hacking - the Art of Exploitation (2nd edition) * Hacker Disassembling Uncovered * The Shellcoders Handbook - Discovering And E…

Researcher Resources: Mobile Focused [Security Research] (3)

A collection of Mobile specific resources. You may see these elsewhere, but this is a handy list for your reference! Resources compiled by Bugcrowd's Director of Technical Operations, Jason Haddix: Mobile App Security …

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