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These Tools Are Awesome for Penetration Testing against website as it includes All Tools in One Package Try it:-



Many thanks for this tools list. I use some of them every day.


Bit late here, but madusa and hydra are good, they come pre installed with Kali Linux. Cain and Abel for Windows,


If you want to know more how to secure your website I recommend you take a look at this article


SQLmap is one of my favorite tools. I’ve been using it with the CO2 Burp Plugin that is similar to SQLiPy Scan. One of my favorite hacks was using this. I got CLI access through a SQLi vulnerability. The target application database server had XP CMD Shell enabled and this was an external Internet facing app.


I ran across a resource to setup a vulnerable AWS environment to practice AWS hacking.


Although they are not ‘tools’ as in software, here are some ‘websites’ I always use, which are very well for getting a basic grasp idea of a website:

  • - see all subdomains that have TLS certificates
  • - see IPv6 / DNSSEC / HSTS and mail configs
  • Mozilla Observatory - Includes lots of 3rd party sites for more dedicated searches like


Great stuff you shared with us! I haven’t heard about some of above tools before. Thanks for sharing this list of tools.