At What Point Will I Be Shown As 'Participating' in a Program?

While logged in bugcrowd as a researcher, on the right hand side of the ‘Programs’ page, there is an area that displays the programs that I am either ‘participating’ in, ‘invited’ to, or ‘following’. Since I’ve never seen a “Join This Program!” button on any of the program descriptions, I assumed that making an account(s) on an application running on an in-scope domain using my bugcrowdninja email address, then proceeding on to testing would somehow make it clear via some behind-the-scenes machinations that I had indeed “joined” and was “participating” in a public program. It seems this is not the case, as I’m never shown as “participating”.

What am I missing here?

Is one not “participating” unless one has submitted a bug?

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I have the same doubt. How program know that you are participating?

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Maybe it’s like this:

participate = true;
participate = false;


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Q: I see the “Recently joined this program” box, but it’s public? I cant find the “join” button, how?
A: “They’re recent submissions. Don’t worry about joining, just find things and submit them.” I found this from discord, answered by vortex 04/25/2020

in case any body else in the future is looking, like I just did today.