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What does that mean if any subdomain is pointed to any cdn or any website
and also how to check if any cookies is scoped to any domain

When a cookie is set with the Set-Cookie header, check if a domain is specified. If not, then it’s only valid for the domain that set the cookie. If a domain is set, then it’s also valid for all subdomains of that domain.

After the fact, if you look at the cookies that are set for the current domain using the dev tools in your browser, you can look at the “domain” column. If the domain start with a dot, then it’s also for subdomain. If not, then it’s only for this domain. Note that this is only a way of letting you know what domain the cookie is for; A leading dot for the domain in a Set-Cookie header doesn’t actually have any effect.



  • a lot for helping out so quickly i didnt expect that but i diidnt understand the first part of my question i.e how do i know if any subdomain is pointed to any cdn or any website like as in subdomain takeovers

Just resolve the subdomain (using the host or dig command on linux) and see what it points to.

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##Well, thank you, my friend.

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