Bitly Subdomain takeover

After , Entering the subdomain I was redirected to this page :

I want to ask if is it possible to takeover this subdomain ? if yes how ?


So this is what I use to double check first:

Bitly isn’t in there but it’s because it’s not a sub-domain but a custom domain (it basically replaces the with your own domain like (that’s the ESPN one). From memory I recall your custom domain is associated to your bitly account, and then you need to manually redirect DNS so that your custom bitly domain goes somewhere. It sounds like this last part hasn’t been done.

At first glance I’d say no, but don’t give up and less us know if you manage something!

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Thanks a lot :grinning: @ARKADA , I will .

You could try to bruteforce the creation of those shortened URLs. I don’t know if has rate limiting or not.