Bugcrowd Ambassador Roundtable

On April 30th, a few of the Bugcrowd Ambassadors sat down (virtually!) to a roundtable discussion. Among other things discussed, we talked about:

  • What foundational knowledge is useful when starting out, and how to get it
  • How to balance the need for deep vs broad knowledge
  • Mentorship, and how to get the most out of it
  • Most interesting vulnerability trends of 2020
  • Bugs that surprised our ambassadors or that were really interesting
  • How our ambassadors got started - how they dug in when they were new.

Check it out here: https://bugcrowd.zoom.us/rec/share/3OkvPrb3qmlJXLPyzk7DaowPI9jKaaa81nNNq6IPzkizEfYwrjl3kLYDbK-a4N1S Password: 8z%5o?7$


It was really fun. Great to meet everyone.

Has anyone been able to view this link? For me it says, “recording does not exist.”