Bugcrowd LevelUp 0x02 Discussion thread


Did you watch or are you watching LevelUp 0x02 right now?!? Post in this thread to keep the conversation going or to share things that you want to make sure we keep discussing after the conference.


There’ll videos from talks uploaded to youtube?


Yep! Uploading it all right now :slight_smile:


Great! Many thanks! It was a great Level Up.


was very impressed with the level up, thought it was really useful and liked the fact @samhouston announced some nice new functionality eg the known issue feature is brilliant, +1 to whoever idea that was. Am seriously looking forward to the bugcrowd university, which will help me get more confident which is taking me longer than I hoped for. (but I do know more know than I did last week, so I am getting there) The talk also lead me to some great hackers on twitter and gave me some more blogs to read Thanks to everyone that took part.


Thank you! Glad you got something out of it :slight_smile: