Bugcrowd policy

Hello, everyone

Recently for uploading vedios in youtube i got banned from bugcrowd.

few days ago my friend got banned for using my pc .

I just came to know that another one also got banned becuase of using my pc .

How far it is correct to ban users who use shared pc’s .

I completely dont agree with this since bugcrowd team didnt even notified my friends not to use banned users pc or his accounts .

Share your opinions and let them change thier policy or something

Sandeep - Bugcrowd does not ban researchers for using the same PC or IP address as a banned user (as many people may share computers). We do however ban accounts that are unmistakably tied to a banned user as is the case you describe here. As far as the conditions that brought about your ban from the platform, while you were initially temporarily banned for posting a video, the conditions of your permanent ban from the platform were more complex. Please refer to your correspondence with the support team for a reminder of those details.

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