Curated list of in scope mobile apps

Hi, there are some well-curated lists out there of web app bug bounty programs, however now I am finally about to take this bug bounty stuff seriously, the aim is to go at it full time, whatever that entails. I am specifically thinking to specialize in mobile apps. Does anybody know of a curated list of in-scope mobile applications


Hi @merlinwhite16! I’m not personally aware of such a list right now, though I think some individuals might have their own lists. I’ve heard of people creating scripts that monitor programs on Bugcrowd and ping them when an iOS or Android app are added to the scope.

Our eventual goal is to enable this filtering/search functionality on the /programs page, but I don’t have a timeframe for when that change would take place.

Please let me know if you need help finding any mobile app programs on Bugcrowd :slight_smile:

Some of the top programs right now would be:
Jet, Netflix, Moneytree, GO-JEK, Square, Caffeine, Pinterest, Tesla

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