How does one learn blockchain bug bounty hunting?

I’m a novice bug hunter, and have recently gained interest in blockchain implementation bugs . However, after googling for quite some time now, I have only come across millions of smart contract exploitation guides, news about blockchains being hacked, smart contract ctfs etc. I have also come across several papers that enumerate common blockchain vulnerabilities, however, they only do exactly what they say - enumerate. They provide a high-level, abstract view of each of the vulnerabilities without saying how to find them, or even exploit them.

I would be grateful if one could link a resource or two that could help a beginner like me get into this new and exciting field.

Hello there, I just made a informational repo trying to help people like you in mind. Here is the link to the repo feel free to create pull requests and suggest adding more resources to the repository


Actually I am not a blockchain professional, but those sources may refer to some titles so you can research them:

I am not sure how to start from 0 but, you should exactly learn internals and basics be able to understand what is happening… Good luck!

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Thank you guys for your replies. You’ve given me enough resources to start out and then hopefully move on from there.