How to trigger exposed service in APK?

Hi all,

I have a mobile application which exposes some activities, content providers and a service.
I’ve been able to trigger the activity but now I’m trying to trigger the exposed service and I’m having no luck.

The code of the service looks as follows:
public int onStartCommand(final Intent intent, int flags, int startId) {
if (intent == null) {
source = intent.getStringExtra(source);
muted = intent.getBooleanExtra(muted);

    EventBus.getDefault().post(new ServiceStartedEvent());
    return START_NOT_STICKY;

In the Manifest file it mentions that the service has an intent filter like:
<action android:name= *NAME*>

I’ve tried to trigger the service through drozer console using (removed exact references):
run app.service.start --action *uri of service* --extra string source *source uri* --extra boolean muted false

I’ve also tried to trigger it by just sending an intent but that doesn’t work.

However neither seems to do anything, I also can’t find documentation on the app.service.start function of Drozer.

Any help is greatly appreciated!