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Mi name is José. I am from Chile. I have worked as Software Development Developer for many year, and I want to work and get my hands on Security related stuff, as it looks like a very interesting topic to me.

I’m looking forward to find some bugs and meet interesting people in the process.

See you around


Hi All,

My name is Samresh. Have been developing software for about 10 years now. Here to learn more. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,
I am Karel and I enjoy playing different wargames and doing pentest labs since 2010. But it wasn´t regular playtime as I am still considering myself as fan of websec and security.
Few monts ago I realised I want to get deeper in this field and start learning. I am not sure if I will be usefull here, but I want to try my best to learn and progress.
So, I am looking forward to see interesting challenges here…

Hello everyone!

My name is r00tuser .

I want to be a white-hat hacker and chat with the funny guys!

Forgive me the poor English ! :mask:

Hello, Everyone!

Figured I would drop by and intro myself. I’m new to the bug bounty scene but definitely not the tech world. I’ve been building and breaking computers for around 10 years. Last year I started learning programming/web dev which has been going good so far. I got interested in bug bounty recently when I stumbled upon which I used to play around on back in my youth, and it sparked my interest in security and pentesting again.

I hope to learn as well as share a lot and look forward to talking with the community.


Hello to Everyone!

My name is Arnaud, i’ve just find this page Researcher Resources - How to become a Bug Bounty Hunter while searching some information about about bug bounty, and now, i know that there is a community for that, that’s nice.
I’m no security professional even if i’d like to. I’m doing it during my free time and i must say, it’s pretty hard to get enough skills to be good at it
I’ve been a student for 2 years at and i tried to get the OSCP certificate but i can’t find 24hrs free time to try the exam :frowning:
I’ve done some pentesting a year ago for my actual company, and i’ve found some XSS, and various SQLi which was pretty critical but no reward at all for this!

To finish, i hope that this commuity will help me improve and maybe finally find my way into this amazing /brain burning world.

If anyone needs to talk or feel like he needs to impart his knowledge… well i’m your guest!

See you

Awesome, welcome to the community @badtaste. Great to have you here :slight_smile:

Hi all I’m Dave, currently working as a engineer but hoping to make the move into pen-testing. I have been studying for about 8 months now and am loving the people and community and the new challenge. Any tips pointers, help and criticism will be welcomed :slight_smile:

Okay here we go:

Name: Frank
Occupation: Linux Admin
Bug Bounty experience: off and on for about 2-3 years
Location: USA - ATL!!!
Bug Bounty CodeName: m3th0dman

Hi !!
I’m a Systems Engineer and Security Analyst at Siemens, India. I do VAPT of internal products. I’m entirely new to bug bounty hunting, but I expect to learn a lot from experienced personnel here at bugCrowd. Looking for some great time ahead.

Hi everyone!
The name’s Dennis and I started as professional pentester in 2011.
I have no experience with bug bounties specifically, but thought it might be a good way to combine practice with helping to make the internet a safer place.

I’m specifically looking to increase my skills in terms of web application testing.

Hi Everyone reading to my first online presence on bug crowd.I’ve been here a few time reading the blogs and books provided for kick starting into Bug crowd.Not sure which program to start my hunt on.Anyone with suggestions could show me a path towards my sole searching journey into the world of web application bugs.

Hi all!,

I’m Nuno, i’m studying informatics , my dream is become a security researcher, always ready to learn new things, my interest is security and i d’ like to learn more about this field!

Best Regards,


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Hello…I’m Kenneth…AKA “Epic Swoleness” … new to IT security and I look forward to learning (and hopefully earning) a lot here.

Hi there
My name is Krishna, I have just moved to Melbourne, Australia. I come from Hastings, New Zealand.
I would like to learn more about finding bugs, so if anyone know some good resources please let me know. I have just finished my bachelors in computing but we done nothing like this, which I found pretty stink.

Hello everyone! I am new to the community. My name is Chris and I have been interested in penetration testing for about three or four years. I have studied networking and currently working towards a cyber security education. I have participated in the NCL (National Cyber League) and I have practiced on Labs for pen testing. I hope to learn more about application security in this community.

Hello Everyone,

My Name is Abdulwahab.I am 16 Years Old Independent Cyber Security Researcher.I First Started as a Software Cracker and Games Trainer Creator After that I Joined BlackHat Community.So That i Started to Exploit Servers and Defacing Websites.After-that i Created an Strong Cyber Team Named "Pak Cyber Ghosts (P.C.G) ".After Some F.I.A calls and National Cyber Security Emails to me I Realized it is unsafe for me.So,I truned into WhiteHat.I Started with External Programs.Then i Start Using Bugcrowd Due to its Awesome Interaction and Design.I Got addicted to it.

My Bugcrowd Journy at Starting was not so good My Points Goes -6 with 45 Appreciation Rate.Its really Disgraced me But i Never Lose Hope And Keep WhiteHat Career Now I Got Listed in 80+ Hall-of-Fames inlcuding Ebay,Google etc in the Age of 16.Here is My Bugcrowd Status:-
All Time Points Earned :220
Current Bugcrowd Rank :213
Still 15+ Reports Pending… :smiley:

I have Web Developing Skills and Now i am Starting Programming Like Python for Exploit Developments etc…

Happy to Share This with all of You.

Now i Joined Bugcrowd Forum to help Others.I am Very Excited to Talk With My others Fellow About Their Security Career and If You Need Any kind Of Help Please Hit Me Up.

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Hey everyone! :slight_smile: My name is Solomon Alan,referred to by peers as mikro just because I have an interest in assembly language and a year experience in using it alongside C. I’m an enthusiastic programmer. I do it for fun though.
I’m a computer science undergraduate and a newbie to this world of appsec . Willing to learn? Yes! I really want to get good at defending applications against security breaches.
Happy to be here! :smile: @alan_mikro on Twitter

Hello everyone,

My name is Mike Barkas, I have been a Web developer for approximately 4-5 years and live around the Charlotte, NC area.

I have an interest in infosec and have been teaching myself web appsec. I think bug bounty programs are a great place for me to gain experience.

Open to discussions and looking forward to meeting folks.

Twitter: @barkas

Welcome buddy :wink: