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Hey Friends!

I am Kiran (@Kiranr ). I am currently a web developer. It’s great to see so many people out here ehthusiastic about Information Security. I am too! :smiley: To be true I don’t have any experience in IS other than basic security practices while developing an application (Not the wizard of InfoSec). If you ask me, then why I’m here? My answer will be to engage with the best people in InfoSec and work together to provide a safe and secure digital future for which we are all passionate about (a bounty for that is a really great motivation for the cause) and really make long lasting friendly relationships in the community.
My only request would be from this community is that, guide me throughout this journey - pointing me to the right resources, so that I can give back what I have gained and some memorable conversations.

Cheers to all!! Love to smash those pesky bugs :smile:

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Welcome @Kiranr!
We have tons of great resources that our Community Manger @samhouston has put together, and you can find those in the Security Research forum section. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask away!!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Sehaj Taneja. I’ve been doing Desigining stuff for the past 1.5 years, mostly in Startups. I joined the security industry this summer in 2016, when I worked with Lucideus during training. It’s a start of my journey into VAPT Field.

I’ve started to learn more about security, the community, bug bounties etc. I’m hoping that this forum will be a great way for me to connect with others.


Hello everyone, my name is Gil and I am from the United States. I have worked with PCs for many years and currently working as a desktop support technician. Now I just turned 50 and I have a great interest of learning security research and pen testing. My main problem is, since I am a total beginner, I have no real idea how to begin this journey. I have read some articles and tried some applications like OWASP and Zenmap on Kali Linux but I still feel like I’m stumbling in the dark looking for the light switch.
I hope that the great people here can give me some insight on the path I should take or at least show me where that darn light switch is. :smiley:


This here blog post has a lot of good material for getting started!

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Welcome @gamem3ch! You might like this thread: Researcher Resources - How to become a Bug Bounty Hunter

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Hey @gamem3ch!

Welcome to Bugcrowd and to the forums in particular :slight_smile:
Sam and @arcwhite have already given you two great resources, so let us know if you have any questions - looking forward to seeing what you do in the Crowd!

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Hey guys…my name is nithin.i am from just a beginner in this field of work,which means i’ll be a drag to all of you. if there is someone who would like to help,plzz help me mannnn…

Hi Nithin! There’s a bunch of links just a few posts up which should be pretty helpful, but there’s going to be a lot of reading initially, this is definitely a field that rewards people who like to learn.

You should also check out our IRC channel (#bugcrowd on freenode) if you need more “live” help.


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hi there my name is jeffrey cass im starting off fresh in security and i am ready to learn.i look forward to expanding my knowledge in IT and meeting new people in this field. thanks


[quote=“nit007, post:90, topic:116, full:true”]
Hey guys…my name is nithin…[/quote]

[quote=“jeffrey_cass, post:92, topic:116, full:true”]
hi there my name is jeffrey cass…[/quote]

Welcome Nithin and Jeffrey! Welcome to Bugcrowd :slight_smile:

We have several resources available to Researchers both on the Bugcrowd Blog as well as here in the forums, within the Security Resources subforum - just look for the pinned “Researcher Resources” threads!

Hey everyone!

Jason here. I am super excited to join the community. I have been hacking as a hobby for about 3 years now. I started the hard way with some crappy video tutorials and good old fashioned poking around in the dark. I read some of the classics like Hacking, the art of exploitation and some others. After a while I realized I had a real passion for this stuff, all of it! From network, mobile, web app and hardware I love it all. If it’s hacking, count me in.

So, long story short I knew to be a better hacker I needed to learn how to code. Ive spent the last year plus, nose to the grindstone, learning to code. I have built 5 full stack apps now and even went to one of those 13 week software engineering intensives where you do nothing but code and learn for 13 hours a day, 6 days a week. Now that Im done its time to get back to hacking!

I have been blown away by the Bugcrowd community. Its so refreshing to see everyone being so helpful and friendly. Imposter syndrome is real, everyone deals with it and I am no different so its really nice to see a welcoming community!

I live in the Bay area (Berkeley) and am looking to meet fellow like minded hackers to meet up with, hack together, get some beers and hang out. Anyone know of any meetups or groups? Anyways, super stoked to be here! Can’t wait to get to know you all.


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Welcome @JasonArk17! Great to have you here in the Bugcrowd community :slight_smile:

You should definitely come out to the Security meetup at the Bugcrowd office in a week:

There’s also a meetup in Oakland on the last Thursday of the month called Hoodsec. It’s just a handful of people chilling in a cool bar in the city. It’s fun and it’s ran by Tim Strazzere, a great hacker, dude and Bugcrowd member. Google Hoodsec Twitter and you’ll find their twitter account.

Also, let’s meetup sometime! Happy to chat. The Bugcrowd office is in SF near the Embarcadero and I live in the East Bay.

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Welcome to the Crowd Jason, looking forward to getting to know you better :smiley:

Thanks! Super excited to get to know you all as well. Are you in the Bay area and planning on going to any of the events mentioned above by Sam?

I’m not in the Bay area yet but that’ll be happening in the nearish future :slight_smile:

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Hello Everyone!
I’m Alessandro R. from italy rome. I work as Security Consultant and Developer in a big company.
i practice hacking & pentesting on my own to improve my skill in find security issues. My goal is to work as Pentester soon and i’m happy to be in this community. My goal of starting bug bounty experience is to improve myself and help others to keep their system secure.

Welcome Alessandro! :slight_smile:

Hello everyone. I am Elize. I just signed up. I heard about this from a speaker in the IT congress that I have attended. I am an IT student. I don’t have any experience yet in security and bug bounties but I am eager to learn and apply it. I want to be a white hat hacker. I am hoping for you great help. Thank you very much

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Welcome to the crowd Alessandro!

Welcome to the Crowd Elize! We have a bunch of resources aimed at helping Researchers who are just getting started in our Security Researcher forum section - just look for the [Researcher Resource] tag at the front of the post.

Happy to have both of you in the Crowd!!