Is bug bounty a kind of job?


is bug bounty a kind of job or a kind of game??


Guess it depends on how you look at it :innocent:

For some, bug bounties are a major source of income and could even be looked at a kind of job. It provides them money for their rent, their groceries, or perhaps helps them cover some or all of their family expenses. Or maybe it’s just their “for fun” money.

For others, bug bounties are something they do for fun. They get enjoyment out of the ongoing competition with others and with the challenge of hacking real life systems.

Quite a few people look at it as both. They see it as a fun game & challenge, while also a nice way to earn extra cash :slight_smile:


as am 18 it help me to handle my expensive myself :stuck_out_tongue:


Is more like a part time job to me. Like a hobby that pay some bills