Jason Haddix joins Bugcrowd as Director of Technical Operations

Today we are excited to announce that @jhaddix has joined Bugcrowd as our Director of Technical Operations. Jason is one of the most active and talented security consultants in the world, we are very excited and proud to have him on our team.

Please join in this thread and help us welcome Jason to the team!

For more information about Jason’s position at Bugcrowd, please see today’s press release:

Top Ranked Security Researcher Jason Haddix Named Bugcrowd Director of Technical Operations

Former Bugcrowd Researcher to Manage Vulnerability Assessment Program, Bolster Researcher Relations

San Francisco, Calif. – May 18, 2015 – Bugcrowd, the innovator in crowdsourced security testing for the enterprise, today announced that Jason Haddix has been named Director of Technical Operations. Haddix, a top-ranked security consultant, will manage Bugcrowd’s analyst team responsible for triaging and assessing vulnerabilities submitted from the company’s community of over 16,700 white hat hackers.

Previously a top ranked member of Bugcrowd’s Crowd, Haddix brings a unique skillset that will improve speed and efficiencies in vulnerability assessment and triaging, aiding customers who may not have the resources available to manage the process internally.

In addition, Haddix will be working closely with Bugcrowd’s Researcher Operations team to increase the strategic value provided to its researchers, providing guidance on researcher training and initiatives, vulnerability disclosure quality and much more. Prior to this appointment, Haddix was most recently the Director of Penetration Testing at HP Fortify. He has also held prominent security roles at Redspin and Citrix, and has toured the world giving security talks and trainings at conferences like BlackHat, OWASP, BruCon and Toorcon.

“In the world of cybersecurity, there are two very important players. There are the builders. The folks who spend their time developing, writing source code for and launching products. And then there are the breakers. The folks who spend their time testing for, identifying and fixing vulnerabilities in the builders’ code. But these two parties speak very different languages and have different motivations, creating a chasm in the way security is managed and executed,” said Casey Ellis, CEO and co-founder of Bugcrowd. “That’s where Jason comes in. His extensive experience both as a builder and a breaker further strengthens the bridge we’ve built, enabling the builders to not only speak the language of the breakers but also to accurately understand their motivations.”

“During my time as a researcher in Bugcrowd’s Crowd of over 16,700, I knew there was something unique in the time and dedication the team put into their open, community-grown approach to researcher relations,” said Jason Haddix. “What they’re doing and their approach is truly disruptive in the security testing scene. You can tell by looking at their business model that it’s the next big thing. I’m truly excited to be a part of that.”

Haddix added, “In general, the security industry tends to automate researchers out of jobs, reduce quality to increase throughput, and offshore to reduce costs. At Bugcrowd that can’t happen because researchers are the commodity we deal in. The best vulnerabilities and researchers are valued. Period.”

The Bugcrowd Researcher Ops team is excited to work with Jason and the Tech Ops team, lots of awesome stuff planned for both the Crowd and customers… :smile: