LevelUp 2017 Discussion - Caleb Kinney, How to Fail at Bug Bounties

This is a thread to ask questions for Caleb about his LevelUp presentation, ‘How to Fail at Bug Bounties’.

Watch the video here:

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Thanks for sharing your experience with us. The most interesting part of the video was the Mobile Recon setup. Could you please provide me more info on it or any resources to start my own mobile recon.

We’ve got some more mobile hacking resources here: https://forum.bugcrowd.com/c/ios-android-mobile-hacking

Thanks Sam for quick reply.

I usually spend my time about 3hrs of the day travelling for the work. Caleb explained in his video (17:09) that he has personal mobile recon setup and he can remotely do recon through his iphone using Kali linux on RaspberryPi. Travelling will be fun if I can recon through my Android smartphone remotely.