Need help in result of masscan



I have scannad 35 IP addresses for a particular domain with masscan with the following command.

masscan -p0-65535 -iL listOfIPs -oX resultPortScan.xml

But in the output file it is showing only five IPs have open ports. That’s also only the common ports like 22, 80, 53, 443, 80.

  1. At least all of these 35 IPs must have at least one open port. Why only five IPs are coming in the output ? Is there any possibility that I have been blocked by firewall ?

  2. What would be the best possible option to get service and versions of these open ports ? Nmap don’t give best result always and it is too slow.

It may happen that I am making a very simple mistake here to execute the command in masscan. Thanks in advance.


Also I have seen that in nmap it is showing more open ports in almost all IP addresses. What is the wrong step that I am doing in masscan ?


It could be that the ports are closed or filtered by a firewall. When I scan with nmap I get better results when I use -Pn to prevent nmap from probing. Sometimes probing will prevent finding open ports and services due to firewalls, IDS, or IPS.