Pentest tools or scripts

which are best pentest tools and scripts Resources?
any list of links?


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Difficult to get a “bests” list. But googling you can get lists about tools. Bug bounty forum had one section dedicated to that but I don’t know if it is still maintained.
Anyway, maybe it’s better to start from “I need a tool for this, does it exist?” than “what tools pentesters use?”.

sorry, i wanted to ask what are the TOP Resources that pentesters use?
any statistics? any popular blogs or forums?

Thank you

Sorry, I don’t have an answer for that :frowning:

which keywords can i use to search?

Keywords about the topics you are looking for.

which keywords are often used? have a list?


I don’t know, it depends on what interests you.

Hey mate,
Check the stickied thread in this forum, Tools. It’s still gold. I’d also suggest checking out the rest of the stickied threads as well particularly Resources.