Private Forum Topics for various specific bounties

It would be kind of nice to have Forum Topics relating to certain bounties – so that we can not only communicate in a way that does not violate the Rules of Engagement, but also to let other researchers know of any issues specific to a given bounty (outside of official support emails).

Just a thought…

It’s a good idea and something I’d like to explore. I’d love your feedback on some stuff real quick, feel free to not answer a question or defer if you don’t have an opinion on it :smile:

Do you think these should be only for private bug bounties, or should we have them for public bug bounties too? Would the public bug bounty forums be private? If so, why?

What types of things do you think would be most useful to discuss in these forums?

I could see them being beneficial for all bounties – but the private ones are a bit trickier as they have more restrictions on sharing of information. For the public bounties I think having a dedicated area for conversation is good – though they probably become deserts for most as the work and issues are quite cyclical.