Researcher Resources - How to become a Bug Bounty Hunter


Sure @samhouston. Here is the link from packtpub:


Thank you samhouston for the introduction. I want to try this new activity


thank you for this thread. I find this very useful as im completely new to this field


In Step 5, the link How to write a Great Vulnerability Report redirects to the blog.

The actual link should be:
Guest Blog: Geekspeed’s Advice for Writing a Great Vulnerability Report


Very Informative, Sam explained everything. It’ll be very helpful who are new in this field.


can any one please tell me what kind of bug is this and how to report about this bug please elaborate asp.


Here is the issue of rate limit in making projects.


To become someone like this, you should get more language knowledge to make you acceable in more countries and places. If you do agree, you might start with Russian like


Hi:] Im new. I’m looking for some new friends or a mentor.
That would be awesome.


Such a great resource. I`m at a right place to learn and share my knowledge.

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csrf (bug) you can google it for better understanding.