Getting Started from Non Technical Background

Hey Guys, Myself Ramin
I’m a person who is really interested in hacking and continuing my career with this. As of I’m a mechanical Engineer, and I know some basics of computers.

I want to get started from scratch, like from the basics stuff which needs to know before starting a career in bug hunting, Hope this community will provide me some useful info.

Welcome mate. Everything you need to go pro is here. Just poke around the site after all that is what bug bounty is about. Goodluck.

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Hello @raminmhd, before I get into anything else, I’d like to give you a piece of encouragement: Don’t ever get to the point where you think you need a technical background to excel in bug bounties. That’s never the case. On the contrary, you’ll notice the most successful hackers are those that have had backgrounds in other areas. I have seen a lot of hacker stories where they came from being an accountant, a dental hygienist, a construction worker, etc. The point is, don’t wrap yourself in the mindset that you need X, Y, or Z to excel. It’s all about you, your willingness to learn, and your determination.

Sappy stuff out of the way, this forum is a great resource for learning. Click around, look around, read everything you can, soak up all the knowledge from everyone you can. In addition, I cannot encourage you enough to check out Hacker101. These have awesome introductory videos on common vulnerabilities, how they’re exploited, and how to mitigate them. In addition to that, they have the Hacker101 CTF challenges. Also, Reddit has a good subreddit to follow. I use a few Discord channels as well. Bugcrowd and Hacker101 are two that I can think of off the top of my head. If I were at my home computer, I could link them, so I apologize about that.

There are also a lot of really good books out there. Here’s just a few which have been great for me:

Hope that helps and happy hacking!


Thank you for taking time to reply to me @pisteuo… you are the mahnn… If you have Twitter kindly share the user id. I’ll ping you there. Also thank you so much for encouraging me.

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No worries at all! Unfortunately I don’t have a Twitter, I have been thinking of making one because there’s a lot of good resources and people to follow.