Researcher Spotlight - Darkarnium

It’s only been 5 months since @darkarnium joined Bugcrowd, but in that short time he’s shot his way up our all-time leaderboard to #113 and impressed us all with his 100% acceptance rate and 1.5 average priority. Darkarnium is a bit of a “sniper”, in that what he submits is often a high priority, high impact bug.

We recently caught up with Darkarnium for this week’s Researcher Spotlight. He’s one of the fast rising stars in the bug bounty researcher community, and we’re excited to have him at Bugcrowd.

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Q: Any tips or suggestions that you would give to other bounty hunters?

A: LinkedIn profiles, company ‘careers’ pages and public mailing lists are your friend! If you want to know what you’re likely to encounter in a given stack, see what sort of developers, QA and operations skill-sets a company is employing.