Resources for Network Pentesting

Hello all,

We have many references to learn Web pentesting and Mobile pentesting. But I have asked many people to give proper resources for Network Pentesting, but no use :frowning: :confused:. Can anyone suggest me any good resources to learn End to End Network Pentesting. That could be any… either blogs or books. Can someone suggest me.

Can anyone suggest???

Hi, OSCP is the best .

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It might not hurt to make sure you have your fundamentals straight first. TCP/IP Illustrated published by Addison-Wesley is a good source. It’s a three volume set and comes packaged with a poster that lays out the data structures for BSD sockets. Its only major drawback is that it doesn’t cover IPv6.

Dave Aitel of ImmunitySec authored a book entitled “The Hacker’s Handbook: The Strategy behind Breaking into and Defending Networks” It’s from 2003, but still very relevant in many respects. I highly recommend it if your practical network penetration testing experience is limited as it covers things from both internal and external perspectives.

What’s that? Would you be a bit clear.