Share a link to your security blog

Do you write about security or post tech-writeups & PoCs? Please share the link to your blog in this thread! Promote your blog here :slight_smile:

We’ll be creating a roundup of great blogs and sharing those with the Bugcrowd community.

Note -Doesn’t matter if you don’t post much on your blog. It’s the content that matters :innocent:


I have a blog with writeups, theory and code over at - sometimes I even post new articles :sunglasses:


I write about findings and researches on web-secuity at

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Our Humble findings >


My findings on :

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writeups for bug bounty sites like Facebook…

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Here is mine :

I usually post my ramblings over at

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hope you like mine also–bug-bounty.html

Security Breached

My Blog under Construction :wink:

Hope you like mine as well :

Hope this will help you-
I am a Chinese network security engineer