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Hi Everyone,
I am new guy, did good amount of reading on how the community working on bug hunting and learning. I have few basic questions which I couldn’t quite clearly understand:

  1. I see few people using their own computer and running all the tools on their computer few others using cloud vms like Digital Ocean and installing the tools there. Can you guys please advise which is preferred when and what are the pros and cons of each approach?
  2. Extension to above question, I see few people using base Debian OS and installing their own tools. Few others using OS like Kali Linux. I understand Kali is prepackaged extension of Debian, but my question is, what is the the reason behind opting for Kali rather having base Debian OS and install the tools needed for their activity. Please advis

1- It depends on your situation. In most cases websites use firewall and when you are testing on their sites the firewall block your IP. If you have static IP, it’s better to use VPS. On the other hand some websites just accept viewers base on location, for example, a website is for the US people and blocked other IPs from other locations. You should use a VPS in the US location for access to that site.
2- Opearting systems are just tools and it depends on your desicion for choosing but most of the hackers use Kali because it has lots of pre-installed tools and no need to install. But it’s not nessesary to use just Kali or Linux OS. They’re just tools and you should use these tools for finding bugs.

Hi @bugkosa.

If you are new, I would suggest you to imitate. After some experience looking for bugs, you are probably going to have the answer to those questions that you have now. What I mean is: do you have any hacker as reference or that you admire? Look at what she/he uses and use that. One day you will say “this is useless” or “I should use this tool in this case”, etcetera.

Good luck!

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