The best of conference talks you've seen?

Anyone willing to share links to some of the best talks you’ve seen online or in person. (in video format)

It would be nice to have a collection of some really great material to throw on and learn from when bored. Even a few of the older conference talks that still hold there own would be great.

Bonus points for something new and recent though. Don’t be afraid to share your own talks you’ve done either!

Also sharing resources / conference video dump sites is encouraged.


AppSec is Eating Security by Alex Stamos at this year’s AppSecUSA was a pretty great talk.

It’s more of a management/market talk than a technical security one, but very much worth the watch for the way he lays out the current state of appsec and where he see’s it going.


I enjoy the talks given by Informatica64 quite a lot. I think it’s their ability to demonstrate some pretty great research and also have a humour in it all:

Defcon 19: Chema Alonso, Juan Garrido “Silverhack” - Bosses love Excel, Hackers too.

DEFCON 20: Owning Bad Guys {And Mafia} With Javascript Botnets

Other than that, there’s Joe McCray’s classic presentation on Advanced SQL Injection that still gets quite a lot of love today:

DEFCON 17: Advanced SQL Injection

And of course, I have to mention this one (aussie pride) - quite hilarious and classic:

DEFCON 18: Pwned By The Owner: What Happens When You Steal a Hackers Computer 1/2


Exactly the kind of videos I was looking for
I’ve seen the second two, I must check out the others, thanks

I watched a few from derbycon 4 recently, some great talks,
first one in this link is great


“Random is if you rolled a dice and it turns into a duck that goes and craps on your lawn, then flies up and pecks you in the eye, and then turns into a sugar cube and sweetens your coffee”

This is a strong contender for my favourite contalk one-liner of all time