Trying for xss!

You don’t have permission to access “/in/smarthelp/search?q=%3ca%20onafterscriptexecute%3dalert(1)%3e%3cscript%3e1%3c%2fscript%3e” on this server

can anyone please explain if i can further execute it somewhere else
or it just end here
can i further exploit it

It’s difficult to help you without more context. But it does seem that they have some firewall, or something like that, preventing you from sending strings that look like “malicious injections” in the query of the URL.

1-you are banned from website because your payloads tracked by the firewall.
2- you are not banned but your payloads got tracked by the firewall , so u need a bypass .
a firewall could be a cloudflare / reverse proxy server /WAF / the web app it self applying security solutions …etc so u have to be specific .
last thing stop using automated tools , first identify the bug , do a google search first it will help you more !