What all things about This CSRF Scenario

i come to a scenario where i need to post data in JSON format for executing CSRF issues !
Note : only data format is needed in JSON Format (Content-Type : Text/Plain is acceptable )
so if we try to post data using normal form it can be done Just using “Name” attribute as whole JSON body but after posting “=” is getting auto generate for value attribute due to forms default behavior !
after some googling i came to know there is something "ignore_me" and “//” attribute which help to ignore “=” !
but in my case no extra things needed , that is “=” or anything after JSON body is not acceptable !
Note : Content-Type : Text/Plain is acceptable !

so is thr any other way to meeting mentioned criteria ?

Thank You !

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Exactly the same Scenario comes and i get stuck at this part.Tried to read so many ways but nothing is working.Let’s see if we get any answer here .

from two days m doing same , still no success ! :sleepy:

Try this way



it’s difficult to truly look at potential controls without the full post request


i tried , but seems like browser is not posting any request !
others info’s sent u in DM , have a look on it !

Thank You !

Modern browsers do not currently implement JSONRequest , this is what common ans form all sources :disappointed_relieved: