Working solo vs team

So, I am relatively new to bug hunting in regards to actually finding a bug. I do however work in IT, have read several books, ebooks, labs, write ups, etc. so I know the lingo and general vulnerabilities at least.

I have read a couple of posts here talking about burnout and loosing motivation. In my opinion I really like working with a group, in the case of bug bounties probably with one other person. I feel like working as a team can help you overcome loss of motivation, burnout, and make you more well rounded. You might miss something that your team might see. You would have the opportunity to learn from one another, make some friends, motivate one another and excel.

What I am wondering is, do you guys prefer working individually or in a team scenario… with one or two other people, or more, and why?

Also, as I stated earlier, I like working with other people. So if anyone is down for some team hunting, let me know!


I’m working alone for a reason that i have no friends to bug hunt with. But i personally like working with someone to reduce the work and avoid overlooking into some functionalities. If you like, we can team up :slight_smile: