Xss reflected regarding

Hi team.
Need help xss reflected with Bypass double qoute escape.
Problem :- string reflected with double qoute.
Help :- how to bypass and execute xss payload?

I always find when I am stuck and need a bit of help in crafting my payload that I browse through PayloadAllTheThings to get ideas.

You can specifically find the XSS payloads here.

Happy hacking!

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Thank you Dear its very helpfull find something .Thanks!

Hi @grey_ph4ntom.
It is difficult to help you if you don’t provide more context about the injection.

ok provide full information about this .
site:- xyz.com
im type test in serach box .its reflected look like this “test”
after many try im try url encodeing
problem 1 :- if i’m try this payload :- %253Cscript%253Ealert(1)%253C%252Fscript%253E
its reflect like this :-


now i’m try this payload :-


but same issue .

right now im confuseing …help how to bypass and what is right payload for this .

im attech some img for you see image .

Thank you for the information provided.

From what you shared, I understand that you don’t have really a clear understanding about what a XSS vulnerability is. I would suggest reading more about it until you understand it. Maybe examples could help you more. A short understandable summary: a XSS vulnerability exists when you can add your own Javascript code to a page. Based on what I just said, in your scenario there is not a XSS vulnerability. Anyway, the way to confirm my assumption is to look at the source code of the page where you found the reflection.

I hope it helps.


As per my understanding regarding your case,

the payload which you have been used is encoded and still gets reflected so trying using another script like document.cookie, or event handler like onmouseover or download ,maybe some of the tags are blocked by the developer.

if you could give some information about the exact payload you used it would be good