Bugcrowd VIP Party at DEFCON 2016

Are you headed to DEFCON this year?

Let us know if you’ll be there, we’ve got quite a few events planned for the week and we plan to meet up with you! Today we’re announcing a few things, but stay tuned for even more announcements in the coming weeks.

We’re throwing an invite-only VIP party for a select group of researchers, and you can earn your invite!

Learn how to get into our DEFCON VIP party here.

Stop by our hotel suite at the Paris hotel on the Friday and Saturday of DEFCON. You’ll get to meet the Bugcrowd team, chat with other researchers, get some free food & drinks and grab some Bugcrowd swag.

Join us at our DEFCON Bugcrowd Hotel Suite

In the Fine Print for the DEFCON VIP party:
" No, you cannot create your own self managed bounty program and submit bugs to yourself that you then validate as P1"
people would do that?? :laughing::laughing: i honestly can’t stop laughing, gonna be a great week