Defcon / Blackhat /BsidesLV Time!

Who’s all going to the desert this year?

I’ll be there from Monday-Monday.

I’ve never been to the shootout, anyone have any experience with it? @geekspeed maybe?

Also an fyi, keep an eye out for events starting to be planned:

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I am!

Most likely I’ll be there Monday-Monday as well. Will there be a bugcrowd hangout this year? If anyone wants to find me, there’s a big chance I’ll be hanging in the CTF room at the CORNDUMP table! And if that doesn’t work, there’s always IRC :slight_smile:

There will be an event, @kymberlee is hard at work planning it!

I did not participate in CTF this year due to some family stuff but I will be around both cons meeting up with friends and such.

I’m pretty sure i’ll see you sometime :wink: I’ll grab the 1st round!

I’ll be there as well for both BH and Defcon. Looking forward to seeing you all :smile:

I’ll be there! It’s going to be my first DEFCON/Black Hat :sunglasses: :astonished:

I will be there presenting and hanging out with coworkers and close friends.

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I’ll be there for BSides, BlackHat, and Defcon. Hard at work on plans for keeping the business running while we’re all in the desert, at the same time planning some great Crowd engagement events… more to come on that soon.

If any Crowd members are speaking at any of these cons (or others), let us know. We would love to promote your talk to customers and the Crowd.

It’s going to be my first defcon. I’ve been wanting to be able to go for years.:

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I’ll be there! It’ll be great to catch up again :slight_smile:


I’ll be there as well! Looking forward to seeing everyone. I’m pretty sure I owe many people a drink. :slight_smile:

hey @pwn add your presentation link to B-Sides/BlackHat/Defcon Crowd Talks :smile:

I’ll be there for Defcon (My first time). Looking forward to meeting new people. :blush:

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Awesome! You have friends/co-workers you’re going with?

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Not really. Going by myself. None of my coworkers seem interested and I don’t really have many friends here yet in the Bay area since I just shifted. Looking forward to hanging out with you all!

(not that i trust the mobile networks during the Defcon timeframe)

I wonder if there’s a good mobile app solution we could stand up to keep in contact? I mean we could use IRC but there’s prob something better…

We should look into use Telegram. Seems like people really like it, plus it’s encrypted and secure!

Yep. Used it before. It’s pretty good.

I have a telegram and I know another person on this thread has a telegram.

Telegram is more secure then other services, but nothing is 100 percent secure.

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why not just normal text messages though if I may ask. Telegram relies on phone numbers anyway and I was told it’d be best to have wireless and data off anyway considering it’s defcon/blackhat :stuck_out_tongue:

I used an app called Dodgeball for group messaging at BlackHat in 2007. My cell bill that month was INSANE from all the text messages I logged.

This is why Facebook is going to rule the world. Using cellular data to go check posts in a private group is not sounding like an awful option right now.