CEH vs CISSP: The Best Certification to Have!


CEH and CISSP both are different from one another in various aspects related to the level of experience and the major domains that are covered in each course. While selecting anyone of these, you must keep in mind the fact that it is correlated to the role you would have been looking for in the vast and dynamic domain of Security. Nowadays, recruiters are largely searching for security professionals for organizations be it big or small.

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I would also echo @Seema1 sentiment that the question is not which cert is better, but what do you want to do? Both are good to have, but will serve very different purposes depending on your interest. A CISSP is a great certification to have if you are looking to gettin into more of the security consulting side of Info Sec or if you are trying to move more into a Director role. A CEH is a great beginner cert to have if you want to be on the red team/blue SOC side of of the field. If you get a CEH I would recommend following it up with an OSCP cert, and then decide which SANS “G” cert you want to go after. Hope this info has been helpful, cheers!