Codecademy course path?

Good morning all! I have been going through and watching a lot of Jason Haddix’s talks and he mentioned Codecademy as something that he recommends to some of his students and those wanting to pursue a career in Bug Hunting. I was curious if there are any recommendations on a path or approach when taking the courses? I do have an associates in software apps and programming but I haven’t done much programming in a good 10 years so I would say it would be safe to assume I would be starting from scratch for the most part if that makes it a little easier to provide any recommendations. Thanks guys!

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Hi @DeLorean,

any course is going to be useful. Because, usually, different applications use different languages. If you like to find client-side bugs in web applications, you may want to learn Javascript first.
I don’t know how courses work now. But a few years ago I did a few at the same time.
Just giving you an idea about the language is better than not knowing anything.