Could not find where to get a bugcrowd email address


Total newbie here so be kind. I have seen in some of the bounties that you should use a bugcrowd email address when registering for an in scope target. So the client knows you are a legit pen tester. Ok, makes complete sense.

How do I go about getting such an email? Or do I have one and missed it when signing up?

Please point me to what I need to do.


Hey Dave,



Now I can start working on some bugs!



Ok I am now starting in earnest to do some bug bounties. I have signed up for an account on one of them. They are going to send an activation link to

How do I access my inbox here so I can click on the authentication link when it is sent?


*Update: Went to my email for this account. In the words of the late, great Emily Latilla, “Never Mind”