Difficulties for newbies in choosing a target

There are already too much competition in bug hunting world and the advice given to newbies by most hackers/hunters is that “first go for kudos programs that don’t give any rewards”. Because there are less competition as they said but there is no less competition if you go and check programs that are only rewarding points you will see some TOP HUNTERS are hunting bugs in those programs to stay on the top. I know there is nothing wrong in it as the program is publicly available for everyone and anyone can find bugs in it but when some experienced guys are hunting those programs for points just to stay on the top of the list don’t you guys think its injustice with newbies.
These kudos programs are ticket for newbies to enter into bug hunting world,to get some private invitations.
The reason i am writing this post here is not totally for myself, when i saw posts like new hunters are getting frustrated and giving up on bug hunting because of this reason that they are unable to find valid,non-duplicate bugs in kudos programs.
I need suggestion/help regarding this issue like how a newbie should start if he have enough knowledge to start looking for bugs?!
P.S: I try my best to share my issue with you guys and if you see any mistake please apologize me because English is not my first language.


You are right on the money. It is very hard, I been working on program now for many weeks, still found not one think. I am going work a little longer then I am going to move on to a another program.

my advice to you is first go for programs that offer points only as those programs are not tested by professionals (not all programs), some kudos programs are tested by literally some top hunter just for the sake of points to stay on the top of the list and that about this issue i was talking about nevertheless good luck to you, dig deeper and stay motivated.

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