How i to choose the goals?


Hi everyone,I am new to here.I used to be a bug hunter(noob :slight_smile: ) in the platform of my country.
I have some experience of find bug(web vulnerablity,like xss、csrf…).
But i don’t know how to choose a goal as a noob. haha
Can you help me?Thank Your very much!


Here’s a goal: find 5 new vulnerabilities in the next week.


thanks for your answer!But i mean who i should i go to find out.

:slight_smile: English is not my native language,so please forgive me if there are something unclear,Thank you.


It’s not clear what you mean by “goal”. Can you use a different word?


OK,I‘ll try.
maybe the word “target” is ok?


like google、yahoo and so on.
could you please tell me some easier target?
I think is not easy if i select a well-known enterprise.


I might need a good beginning.Thank you very much!


The “goal” is up to you, it could be find 3-5 bugs for week or just learn something new. If you are beginner, the best you can do is try to learn as much as you can