Dirb Issues and further dir hunting

I used to execute dirb to brute force paths in site. I found test path for a site like following.


but when I am trying to open the url in browser it is showing

File not found."

  1. dirb is getting the evidence that this url exist (with 200).
  2. It is showing as File not found." (surprisingly with the " included at end).

What should I do in this situation ? Any idea to dig it down more ?

Also I would like to add another point in the same thread. I am using dirb as default of kali. is there any update I should use in the word list ?

I haven’t use dirb yet, but if you get a 200 response is because the server is sending that response. However, the body of the response is File not found.''.

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Thanks for your answer. But there is one point which is not clear to me from development point of view. There is a folder …a/test exist over there. But it is showing a response (File Not Found). Then why this folder exist over there ? Also, is there any other way around where I can test more ? I am bit confused here. There must be something that I am missing may be some very basic point. Your help is always appreciated :slight_smile:

An endpoint in an application doesn’t always point to a folder. It all depends on how the server and application treat the path of the request.