Help with a linux command (dirb)

Hey hunters,

I wonder if anybody can help me with this. I am running dirb on kali with the following command

dirb /Seclists/some_path/name.txt -o output.txt

all runs well and it writes to file output.txt

but I know want to run

dirb /Seclists/some_path/othername.txt but this time I would like to append the output to the end of output.txt is this even possible? I tried using “>” but got an error

Can anybody advise me what is the best way to achieve this, please ?

many thanks and happy hunting

Assuming dictionary paths are right in the command, If you want to append to the file use >> rather than > (which assumes this file will get created now).

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks Yeah I figured it out. I got a linux+ book too for future reference. I appreciate your help