Help for a noob

Hoping someone can help. Was on the verge of a potential bug when I was blacklisted… Total noob mistake but I how to get unblacklisted? And how do I prevent this from happening again? Or is this something I am just going to have to get used to?

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Option 1 Use VPN,
Option 2 wait,
Option 3 get a new IP address(use phone go to internet cafe etc)

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This has happened to me before. It’s really the program operators fault for having a bug bounty program on a site that is configured to blacklist suspicious/malicious IP addresses, without warning researchers in the bug bounty program about it.

If your IP address from your ISP is dynamic, you can unplug your cable/DSL modem and plug it back in for a new IP address. I would definitely send a support message to let the program operators know about it.

Agree with @superevr, it’s totally counterproductive to have your site on Bug Crowd and start blacklisting IP’s. I would report it to bug crowd, but also may suggest setting up proxchains to help mask your IP’s. Also if you’re are doing it in Kali proxchains.conf don’t forget to uncomment the DNS leaks. No sense in masking IP if your just going to leak DNS,

Hi I just joined bugcrowd today.
I’ve always wanted to be a security researcher so I joined this website and I’m very excited to be apart of you guys. I read about the 25 different vulnerabilities on hacksplaining… but where would I start? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
I’d like to start on bug bounties and it’s very exciting for me. I’d like some advice though on which vulnerability would be the most simple and basic for me to get started on?
I feel very noob asking these questions but I am looking forward to all your answers! Ty!