I need Help For something!!

**I need help with something, I discovered Vuln in the western union ! and I sent Screenshot to WU about this vuln + links +payload for vuln, after 1 day bugcrowd added a comment tell me he cant reproduce this issue so I sent to him a video POC for vuln and I reproduce vuln in a video. **
After 2 days ! he told me he can’t reproduce the vuln Now I checked it.
**The vuln fixed

**So what about it

Hi Abed,
send an email to Bugcrowd support or ask in the report. In my experience it’s the only way to clarify issues related to reports.
However, I usually don’t spend time in situations like yours, I just move on. But I understand if you want an explanation.
I hope you get an answer clarifying the issue!

You can get the screenshots of the poc before and after the fix. And you can communicate with the team with these evidences. I don’t know the details of this issue but I personally believe that if you have reported a valid issue then you should get the credit at least.