How Do you Keep Motivated When you are only invited to Old Programs

so how do you keep motivated when you are only invited to old programs?:disappointed:
do you usually test old private programs?
if yes what methodology do you use?


Hi @hussamlinux,

when I started there weren’t private programs (or at least I wasn’t getting invitations). I’m talking about one year at least. I didn’t care, because my only motivation was to make money because I needed it. In your case I would recommend you find that reason why you want to do this (bug hunting), it may be money like me or maybe you want to have a career finding vulnerabilities or something else, there is something that gave you the curiosity to start looking for bugs. When you find out what is that, keep it in your mind every day and even write it in a paper if it works for you, because you need to remind yourself why you are doing this.

I hope it helps.


Hi @stefanofindsbugs,
Thank you so much for your advice and so sorry for my late reply,
actually I have another question,
do you feel unmotivated when see the quantity of bugs that have been found in the program previously?
or you just ignore that and start looking like you saw nothing?

Thanks again

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Hi @hussamlinux, no worries!

No, I don’t feel unmotivated, maybe in rare cases when I’m too tired, in a very bad mood or when I want to find something “now” :smiley:
But as I said, usually my motivation is money so I don’t care if there were 2,000 vulnerabilities found or not.

I think I understand that feeling though, because it has happened to me in other things I’ve been learning and working on unrelated to finding vulnerabilities. My conclusion has been that if it results in you not continuing learning and working/[looking for vulnerabilities], then you should take over it with willingness to spend time learning and working. I hope you understand my point here.