How many average private/flex programs bugcrowd provides in a month with the rank under 100?

Hi Team,

It’s been few months i am working with bugcrowd as researcher and improved my performance gradually.Now I am participating in private/flex program too.My question here if i am a active researcher and have rank under 100,what is the average private/flex programs will i get in a month ?

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Vijay kumar

Hi Vijay!

This is a good question, happy to answer it. In June I discussed on the Bugcrowd blog the performance metrics we consider when selecting private Crowds for Flex and Ongoing programs. We continue to follow that model since introducing the new kudos point model in August, and I can see that you definitely qualify.

As for the average number of private programs a qualifying researcher will be invited to in a month, that is hard to predict. Invitation volume depends heavily on how many private programs launch each month and the maximum Crowd size the customer sets. If programs request only 25 researchers instead of 100, that diminishes the available invitation pool and decreases the number of invitations you’ll see - we try to distribute private invitations across all active and qualified researchers fairly.

Sorry I can’t give you a concrete number, but we have new programs starting each week so I’m sure you’ll continue to receive invitations fairly regularly. :slight_smile:

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Hi Kymberlee !

Thanks a lot for info.Just got a one more private invite :smile: Will be concentrating on improving my rank and try to be part of all the private program.

Really happy to be part of Bugcrowd :smiley:

Is there a particular time in a month when private invites are sent?

based on the article above,I am qualified for flex invites but i haven’t got any.