I am ready to go, Is this all I need to do to start

Ok I picked out the Co. that I want to start hacking, I sign up by clicking on the star on the page where all the info is at on the program. Is their anything else I have to do? One other thing it said in the do and do not page
“The use of Automated scanners is strictly prohibited”. I take it as no nmap , no type of vulnerability scanner. everything must be done manually. Is that right?

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Yes you have to do most of the tasks manually. But you can think something for sub domain scanner. As they specifically mentioned No to Automated Scanners, you can use passive sub domain scanners like https://dnsdumpster.com/.

Thank you sabyasachi, that is a neic web site. I worked all day on the login page and got no place. I am working on the java script that make up the form now. I think that the login page is safe for now. Thank you for you help again.

I am new here and ran across this conversation. When you stated no automated scanners, was that for everyone or just the one program you are working on? Thanks in advance for your time…

Hi coyote52

You have to read all the stuff that is with your project. Some you can use scanner and some you can’t.

im new here and have been hacking for about 6 months so i have the basic and know abit of things but im not sure of how all this work what would happen if i make a mistake or something like that

I have the same question. I would feel really bad if I were to corrupt a target’s website or degrade their server because of something I didn’t know. That seems very easy for a beginner to do. We need to hack to get good, but but how do we do that without making mistakes? Training sites tell us what works, not what gets us in trouble.