##I think this will help some beginners. How to make a profit?

I reported holes and accepted but I did not pay a payment method yet Is it possible that the reward appears on the list of payments without giving me a method of payment and it also appeared on my personal page in the gap I accepted, for example, the gap on my personal page may it be accepted Is there any help?

Hi @Adss! If I understand your question correctly, you’re saying:

  • You submitted a report;
  • The report was accepted as a valid bug;
  • You were rewarded a bounty for the report; and
  • The reward shows in the “Upcoming Payments” section of the “Payments” tab.

Is that correct? If so, then yes, you probably need to add a payment method (meaning, a method by which you would be paid). If I’m misunderstanding, please clarify the question.

You may also want to reach out to the Bugcrowd team for specific help in this instance. They can be reached by email at support@bugcrowd.com, or via the #BugcrowdCommunity Discord server.

I hope that helps!

##No, my friend, she did not appear in the Payments section, which made me confused is that the vulnerabilities were placed in my profile, except that they were accepted and did not appear in the Payments section. Is it possible that the p5 vulnerabilities appear in my profile and appeared that they are acceptable and I am at the beginning of the path to discover the holes and try I develop myself waiting for a reply, please

في الجمعة، ١٩ يونيو، ٢٠٢٠ ٥:١٤ ص nerdwell via Bugcrowd Forum <bugcrowd@discoursemail.com> كتب:

Hi @Adss! Usually a P5 submission does not qualify for financial reward. I would recommend you reach out to Bugcrowd support if you have a question about your specific report.

Best of luck and Happy Hacking!