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Hi all, late introduction from me.
From Malaysia, you guys can call me Yap, that’s why my handler is @yappare . It’s a long story why I used yappare, and please dont ask LOL.

Not coming from IT background, but get involved with hacking scene since 2008, started work as a pentester on 2010. Still lot of things need to learn as from the daily projects, the scope quite limited, that’s the reason I joined Bugcrowd on 2013 :smile: and since that lot of things I learn. Bugcrowd is my first bounty platform and really help me to get more knowledge in pentesting.

Yeah, still doesn’t have any professional certificate until today and hope one day would able to attent security conference,security training and meet with all of you :smile:



Hi myself tanaya,a tester with 7 yrs of industry exp.Got to know of this bug crowd program and i am now kind of hooked into it.I have lots of questions coming in as i am pretty much new in this kind of testing .I recently shifted from India (bangalore) to bay area .As i have a active toddler to look after so this program kind of interested me as i can devote my time from home.

To giv a short backgrownd i was a dev in the first 2 yrs as i joined IT after doing my engg.Then i was given a chance to do some testing on the final stages of a proj from then onwards no looking backwards.

I have kind of done api testing but never did cross site scripting/penetration testing.Hope to learn it from this community.
A great community ,looking fwd to learn mny things from u guys.
thanks so much


My name is karan, I work as security researcher last 6 month and I am not working any security I std but I really interested web application security and mobile application security.
thanks for everything and thanks to founder to Bugcrowd.


Hello Everyone,

My name is Frank Vickers, i live in the Atlanta, Georgia, I’m a linux admin by day and a bug enthusiast by night. i’ve gotten hooked on it in the last 2 to 3 years picking up as much bug bounty knowledge from other experts. i use my kali linux for pentesting and picking up as much knowledge as possible about bug testing.


Hey, my name is Sam Becker I am an aspiring security researcher currently studying Comp Sci and Information assurance. I have managed to successfully report a small number of vulnerabilities to some sites with bug bounties (Haven’t won a bounty yet but got some cool shirts! haha) and got my name on the Microsoft hall of fame!

I hope to expand my knowlege of web application penetration testing as it is a fun pass-time for me although it can be VERY frustrating at times…

Anyways, I hope to learn more from you guys on the forum, see you around!


Hi everyone,

My name is Joel Noguera from Argentina, I’m currently in my last semester from System Engineering, and I’m on security since I have 15. I really love the challenges and that’s why I’m starting with bugcrows. I want to prove my self and see how far I can go.

Of course there are thousand of thing to do and learn so it won’t be an easy way. But I’m always looking for learning more and improve my self. Let’s see how can I do it! :smiley:

Best Regardsm


Hi Abhishek,

How are you.need to discuss on web app security.


Hi All,

I am a network professional. few years back i dived into app security world also.Very keen to have deep knowledge on web app security.Interested to meet/know security researchers.



Hello am 24 man from scandinavia where i had 1 year of media and communication year dropout, so might not be anything here for me but am gonna ask if 15 year of using pc soon helps on any research ability here? am decent at using pc and maintaining 1 and built 1 and hardware software trouble fixes bymyself and such stuff.

am patitent user that doesnt rush too its solutions but try too understand too my capacity.

shall i give this up now is it too late for me too learn bounty hunting, or do i need some reading several books? books always useful but you know hehe.

also i am a gamer by hobby and workless atm but part time jobs always conqurs.



Welcome @Chronosph3r3! Great to have another gamer here :slight_smile: I started my career in video games, I love chatting about games with researchers :smile:


Hello There…This is Vikram Singh an enthusiastic learner in security domain working in a company as Application security engineer. Have started bug bounty recently and am looking forward to improve my knowledge in this domain through this. Hope this will be a fun packed journey and will get to know as many people and their contributions which will help me grow better. Thanks


Hello everyone! I’m Vicky Fernandes and i’ve just joined Bugcrowd. I’m a security enthusiast and CEH certified and I would love to get started with bug bounties. Would greatly need help from you all. Thanks!


Hey everyone!

My name is Luan Herrera and I am from Brazil. I am on my first semester studying Computer Science. I have been breaking into things since I was a kid and about two months ago I started hunting bugs on Google Chrome, discovered a few, and even got my first bounty. Now that I am on vacation from college I am expanding my search area.

I hope to learn and share a lot with you all, and if you want to talk, feel free to contact me.
See you around!


Hi Everyone! my name is Alex, I’m from Chile, I have been working like bug hunter and freelance pentester for around 7-8 mouths, I already received some rewards for my findings:) .

As many of you I’m also looking to improve my skill and targets to test, I’m OSCP certified, and I’m looking to achieve OSCE… If anyone would like to keep in touch, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Hello everyone

My Name Is Tanay. Currently Persuing BCA and Working in Zan System’s as programmer, Penetration tester and consultant from last 4 years. I like to gain more and more knowledge about computer technology and software and internet and security


The name’s Case (Justin Case). I’ll have a vodka martini: shaken, not stirred.


Hi all, my name’s Jason. I am actually not from a formal IT background. I am a Nurse by day and white hat by night. I have always had a love of systems, biological or computational, and grew up solving puzzles as a passtime. I am proficient in several programming languages, including C++, Javascipt, python, and HTML. I am relatively new to hacking as I have spent most of my time building applications rather than testing them. However, I am now fairly comfortable with nmap and most of the kali tools and am learning fairly quickly. Cheers.


Hi everyone,
I’m Alejo Popovici (apok) and I’m actually just starting as a freelancer security researcher for everything that is out there. Prior to this I worked for Deloitte Argentina, on Luciano Martin’s and Walter Riveros’ team, where I learned a lot, since both them and everyone that works there are awesome people. But, even though I’m greatful for the opportunity they’ve given me, I want to expand my knowledge on crowd-funded bug bounty programs. So I hope that we can work together towards greater challenges on vulnerability findings.

I’m sure we’ll see a lot of each other.
Kind Regards,


Hello, I am Vandana Verma, a security reseacher working with a Media company as application security manager. Have joined the bug crowd recently.


Hey all. Name’s Matt. I’m new to the bug bounty community. I have been working with computers informally at a hardware level for over 20 years. I’ve recently started school for cyber security and was looking to hunting bug bounties for both additional money and experience for when I graduate in a couple years.

Any advice would be great.