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Hi, my name is Max, and I did find some security gaps on the internet in the past. One on a big international website, another one just recently. But that’s all I’m saying.

My proficiencies: several programming languages, although I think my knowledge in SQL/JavaScript/AJAX/Webdesign will be more helpful here.

Edit: Almost forgot this - since I’ve been an admin/mod on various wikis too, I also know about writing wikibots. Who knows, it may be useful one day.

See you!


Hi, Everyone
My name is Ayodeji, but i go by the handle ph03n1x on bugcrowd. My profile is private because truth be told, there are a lot of very awesome people on the platform and my measly points still embarass me (working on it though :slight_smile:
I have an extensive background in software development and Unix administration.
I consider bugcrowd a fantastic opportunity to learn and improve my pentesting skills, hack live systems and its a pleasure being here


Welcome to the crowd Ph03n1x :smiley:


Respected Researcher,

Sanjoy here.Working as a Security Consultant :eyeglasses: in a Company. Glad to join Bugcrowd recently(May 2016) . :smiley:

Beginners :seedling: and loootttsss of interest in Network Security World :wink: .See you around! Hope this will be a fun packed journey and will get to know as many people and their contributions which will help me grow better.:slight_smile:

woo!! much Excited :grinning:

Thanks- Sanjoy Debnath


This is interesting: I cancelled my Ohforf account yesterday and registered anew (to test something), but my post as Ohforf is still there.

Doesn’t have to mean anything. Just saying.


Welcome Sanjoy! :slight_smile:


Doesn’t surprise me, it would potentially disrupt the flow of a conversation/thread if an user was able to remove all their posts, simply by disabling their account (even if it’s permanent on your side). Trolls would happily do that to make a mess in a forum :wink:


Yes, that makes sense. Well, it’s good that things work.


Hello everyone, I just joined bugcrowd today. I work as Desktop support for several companies in my area. I am still fairly new to the security world, but I figured I’d jump right in and get my hands dirty.


Hi fellow bugcrowders

Im Pete and currently work as a security researcher / consultant / t-maker / cartoonist at Hedgehog. Ive known a certain member of the Bugcrowd team for going on 7 years now so this is a little like coming home. I am sure over the coming months I will have a few good submissions to the program and even more super blog posts.

Do feel free to contact me on the forum here, twitter is @peterbassill or of course email me via my email.


Hello there everyone!

I go by the name of “Pinger” and I am a 15 year old aspiring penetration tester and security researcher. I recently joined the bug crowd community and have really enjoyed it. I’m hoping to learn a lot here! :slight_smile:


[quote=“Ohforfsake, post:69, topic:116, full:true”]
Yes, that makes sense. Well, it’s good that things work.[/quote]
Isn’t it nice when things do? Now if we could just enlarge the scope of that to the world… :wink:

Welcome to the Crowd Johnny :slight_smile: We all start somewhere!

[quote=“hedgey, post:71, topic:116, full:true”]
Hi fellow bugcrowders…[/quote]

Welcome Hedgey! Those cupcakes likes like they were kinds of adorable awesome :smiley:

Welcome Pinger! Keep your eyes and ears open and don’t be afraid to ask questions! You’ll be rockin’ it in no time :smiley:


Thanks, ill try and whip up a batch for you.


Hi all,
I’ve been worked in a number of IT roles including dba and sys-admin in late 90’s, taught infrastructure courses for way WAY to long then returned to working in IT as a service desk TL. Career changing from academic back to IT was difficult, like starting over. But it’s good to be back, in any role.

I’m just beginning this journey into security & pen testing. Although I’ve been around for a while I know next to nothing about this side of things. There is SO much to learn!! I’m looking forward to taking these baby steps.


Welcome, @FecnDE! Great to have you here :slight_smile:


Hi All,
My Name is Naveen. Am woking as a Senior Security Analyst at photon info tech.
A Infosec consultant with deeper understanding of iOS app development and Web, Mobile application security. Expertise includes Runtime Analysis with Cycript and GDB.


[quote=“FecnDE, post:76, topic:116, full:true”]
I’m just beginning this journey into security & pen testing. Although I’ve been around for a while I know next to nothing about this side of things. There is SO much to learn!! I’m looking forward to taking these baby steps.[/quote]

Welcome to the Crowd FecnDE! Everyone starts somewhere, and if you have any questions, be sure to ask :slight_smile:

[quote=“nkMdt, post:78, topic:116, full:true”]
Hi All,
My Name is Naveen. [/quote]

Welcome to the crowd Naveen!


Hey All

My Name is Chelin Sampson, i am an aspiring Network Engineer with future specialization in IT Security. I am currently working my way up the IT food chain, having started as an IT Intern, then moving on to an IT Service Desk Analyst, and now at present i am the IT Service Desk Team Lead for South Africa within my company.

I am CompTIA A+, N+ and recently S+ (Security) Certified, i REALLY enjoyed learning about the wide range of IT Security concepts covered in the S+ exam. I enjoy setting up whole environments in my VM Labs, so its a given that i’m tinkering with various Hacking Tools.

And here i am today, gladly embracing and using Bugcrowd to increase my overall IT security skills, and along the way hopefully get some Cool SWAG and Cash.

You’ve got a member for life, i am known to be a loyal follower and creator of various IT communities.
(Having created the South African IT Professionals Facebook Group and the IT Security Professionals South Africa Facebook group respectively)

Look forward to learning and advancing our Ethical Hacking skills together in the future who knows :slight_smile:



Great to have you here @DoGByTe-ZN!

General discussion

Welcome @DoGByTe-ZN, can’t wait to see what you do in the Crowd as a lifetime member :smiley:

Have a great weekend!