July 2015 Hall of Fame

It is time for the July 2015 Hall of Fame, and this month we had an unusual situation. We ran an internal project for our Application Security Engineers, and jhaddix crushed it. But the performance bonus program is for the Crowd, not employees. As a result, in July we are awarding the 1st, 2nd, and 4th place researchers. To thank these individuals for their hard work, Bugcrowd is pleased to announce the following researchers will receive July 2015 performance bonuses:

  1. @Harie_cool – 128 points – $2,500 bonus

  2. securityidiots – 119 points – $1,500 bonus

  3. NG – 78 points – $1,000 bonus

[Read more on the Bugcrowd Blog]

security idiots and Ng :smile:

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