May 2015 Hall of Fame

Very sorry for the delay in getting this up on the forum!

We’d like to congratulate @NahtnahS, @Harie_cool and @nijagaw for taking home the top three spots in the May 2015 Hall of Fame on Bugcrowd.

Getting into a top 3 spot means you get a cash bonus, part of our new performance bonus that we’re doing every month.

Details from our blog:

  1. NahtnahS – 152 points – $2,500 bonus
  1. Harie_cool – 146 points – $1,500 bonus
  1. nijagaw – 144 points – $1,000 bonus

How does a researcher earn Kudos points? High severity bugs earn the most points, which is how NahtnahS got to the top – he made some great P1 and P2 submissions.

Once again we’d like to congratulate NahtnahS, Harie_cool and nijagaw for placing in the top 3! Thank you very much for your hard work, I can’t wait to see who takes the top spot in June :smile: