We are less than a week away from our annual pilgrimage to the desert for #InfosecSummerCamp – where’s everyone gonna be?

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Are you going? I thought you couldn’t make it?!

I’m gonna be in Vegas :slight_smile:

but seriously… during Blackhat my go-to bar is the EyeCandy on the main floor - It’s a standard meetup/hangout spot and caters for folks who didn’t do the pass thing. I do have a go-to spot staked out for B-Sides or Defcon, but I’ll share here or on the Twitter when I do.

Oh yeh… and I’ll be there Monday to Sunday. 7 full days in Vegas. Yikes!

Apparently DEFCON was cancelled this year…Something something hotel kicked them out something something…

I’m working SECOPS for BSides Mon - Wed. Mostly covering the graveyard shifts and the Pool Party wed night…Other than that – im just gonna be wandering through the desert on a horse with no name ;-)…